For our non-english speakers, you can download the Dutch version: Regels United Gamers

First of all, we’d like to welcome you to our Gaming Community!
United Gamers was founded by and for Gamers, and our goal is to provide our members with a steady platform on which to meet and play with other people from around the world. We would like to ask you to read the rules thoroughly, and accept them as the word of the gaming god himself. We at United Gamers feel that it is important that we have these rules,
as they are in place to protect our members, and let’s be honest, no community could function properly without them.
Failure to comply with our in-house rules will result in a dismissal from (UG) membership, removal of rank, kick or ban.

Article 1. CONDUCT

Respect all members, regardless of Rank, age or gender.
Do not insult other members on TS or forum/website.
No racism, discrimination or excessive foul language.

Always respect admin decisions, as they are final.
Recruitment or advertising, (in any shape or form) for another Community or Clan is not allowed.
If someone does break any of these rules, be mature and ignore it,
and notify an admin as soon as possible.

NEVER take matters into your own hands.
NEVER take revenge, or you may be the one on trial for misconduct.

You can also make a complaint,
this is done by right clicking user/nickname and select “make complaint”.
All complaints will be dealt with by our staff within 24 hours.

We encourage users of our servers to take full advantage of our teamspeak server to communicate with other members of our community, but we do not allow users to abuse the teamspeak system on our server.

Article 2. NEW MEMBERS

To become a member of United Gamers you have to be at least 16 years old,
And register yourself at our website @
In order to become a member, you can’t have a VAC ban less than 1500 days old, and
please remember that your application will always be reviewed by a member of staff.
You must have a working microphone and Teamspeak3 installed.
If you have a bad quality headset or have an echo, push-to-talk is mandatory.
Joining other TS servers is allowed, we are a Community, not a Clan.
Please note that if you reinstall windows or operating system, your rank on TS is gone.
Before reinstalling, please notify us on the website so we can give it back to you ASAP.

Article 3. CHANNELS

If you want to move someone, notify/ask them first. This is to ensure nobody is moved out
of a channel without their consent.
Exceptions to this are people who are, for instance, AFK or making excessive noise.
When Joining a channel, remember to be polite and don’t start talking
until the other members have finished their conversation.
If you are new, introduce yourself so the other members know who you are.
Please occupy Game channels only when playing that specific game. For instance,
if somebody is in a channel by his/her self and not playing the same game as indicated in
the channel name, you can be asked to move by other members, as there are not enough
Game channels to go around. When in a Game channel, remember that communication
can be key in-game, so if members ask you to be quiet, please do.
Chill rooms are for chilling out between games, and generally to have a laugh or
a discussion. They are NOT game channels, don’t treat them as such.


Our twitch streamers are highly valued members of our community.
They represent our Gaming community around the world, and we believe they deserve a decent gaming environment, that is why we
enforce a strict policy regarding the joining/chatting/conduct in our twitch channels.
Please consider the following rules so you don’t disrupt our twitch channels.

1. When joining, introduce yourself to the streamer concerned.
2. You are in a live stream. Anything you say can be used against you.
3. Don’t disrupt the stream, this includes trolling, loud noise and eating popcorn.
4. Streamers can move you at will, if they move you it’s for a reason, don’t start complaining.
5. Respect the streamers privacy, you are not allowed to ask any personal questions.
6. Don’t ask our streamers out on a date, it`s cheesy and will only result in disappointment.
7. If you wish to apply for a Twitch channel, you can make a topic on our forum, explaining
why you think you deserve a channel and the staff will evaluate your application.

Article 5. HACKING, CHEATING, SCRIPTING (or any other form of unfair play )

We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding unfair play.
United Gamers will not tolerate any form of cheating from any users. There are many various cheats that are available to download online and a lot of them are fairly easy for our experienced admin team to spot.
VAC bans less then 1500 days old, are not tolerated by our community.
When caught and/or suspected of the acts stated above, punishment will be an instaban on our Teamspeak3 server, website and social media.
You will be able to plead your case to our staff, as we believe in a fair trial.
If found guilty, you will be instantly banned and shunned by our community,
So think before you cheat.