Teamspeak 3 server

Hi all,

Well you guys must have already noticed that teamspeak 3 server is now unavailable.

I have opened my mail and an email from Teamspeak with the following starting line:

We found that you’re violating the License Agreement by obtaining donations. In accordance with our license agreement ( your license has been revoked due to the aforementioned violations.

I’m on it and i replied to their email and i really hope this get fixed soon and we can have the server online quickly.



  1. Panda Power

    when will the teamspeak be open because I want to talk to one of the admins about the dayz standalone server.

    1. ewootewoot (Post author)

      Hi Panda Power.

      We have a teamspeak up and runnning now.

      You can connect to and rexie is the stand alone admin.


  2. Rexie

    Hi Panda
    i am Rexie when you visit teamspeak and i am there just poke me and i will drag you to a other channel for a talk

    greetings rexie


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