We at United Gamers are active Twitch streamers and watchers.
Here on the right you see our active streamers.

We try to find enthusiastic active streamers every day, so if you’re streaming and looking for some pointers and/or help, feel free to join our Teamspeak and ask one of our streamers.

Our twitch streamers are highly valued members of our community.
They represent our Gaming community around the world, and
we believe they deserve a decent gaming environment, that is why we
enforce a strict policy regarding the joining/chatting/conduct in our twitch channels.
Please consider the following rules so you don’t disrupt our streamers.

1. When joining, introduce yourself to the streamer concerned.
2. You are in a live stream. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
3. Don’t disrupt the stream, this includes trolling, loud noise, and eating popcorn.
4. Streamers can move you at will, if they move you it’s for a reason, don’t complain.
5. Respect the streamers privacy, you are not allowed to ask any personal questions.
6. Don’t ask our streamers out on a date, it’s cheesy and will only result in disappointment.
7. If you wish to apply for a Twitch channel, you can make a topic on our forum, explaining
why you think you deserve a channel and the staff will evaluate your application.
8. Please don’t feed our streamers, it alters their natural behaviour, and makes them aggressive towards followers.